Consult Australia Award – Champions of Change

Seeds’ Managing Director, Nina Kilpinen, won the highly commended ‘Champions of Change Female Leadership Award’ at the recent Consult Australia awards night in Sydney.

Nina is passionate about the involvement of women in the engineering consulting and construction sectors; both of which are two of the most male dominated employment sectors in Australia. Womens’ lack of retention and progress in engineering, signals the persistent barriers, the entrenched gender bias and the inequitable pay and promotional opportunities within STEM career paths, particularly for senior women. Recent research from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency indicates that only 12.3% of women are represented in senior management roles in engineering and construction and there is a 26.3% pay gap. Nina is working hard to change the industry status quo, alongside the dedicated team at Seed Engineering.

Nina would like to personally thank the team at Consult Australia, particularly CEO Megan Motto, NSW Manager Matthew Trigg and the Consult Australia Male Champions of Change, for their ongoing support. It is hard to be what you can not see and you have all opened the door to so many new opportunities. Thankyou.